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Options for Upgrading Low Band System

Low band radios systems in the 30-50MHz band remain widely used by electricity industry throughout the US. Over time, the number of manufacturers of equipment in this frequency band has dwindled and products have become expensive, so now many low band users are looking for replacement systems. It is clear that it will be increasingly difficult to source equipment for this band going forward.

Whether your business is providing electricity to homes and businesses, transporting cargo and passengers or dispatching mobile workers as quickly and competitively as possible being successful means safe, efficient and reliable delivery of service. Across the country, executives and business leaders continually assess how well their voice and data communications systems serve to enhance their business.

It may be that your current radio system is ready for upgrade to modern voice and data functionality necessary for your business. Perhaps your system is older and maintaining it has become uneconomic and unreliable and a more cost-effective option is becoming urgent.

If you’re facing issues like these, read on and we will walk you through your options:

  • What are the technology options you could consider to upgrade your existing low band system
  • Does it matter which frequency to use
  • What kind of features do we need
  • Potential solutions and system types for consideration
  • Process for buying a new radio network
  • How can we replace our system without major disruption to our business

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