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Enterprise Wireless Alliance

Hytera US Inc is in partnership with the EWA and is on the EWA board of directors to advocate for the private wireless industry. A frequency coordinator certified by the Federal Communications Commission, EWA provides spectrum consulting, frequency coordination, and license management services. 



Hytera US Inc has partnered with Honeywell fiplex to provide BDAs and coverage extension solutions for in-building public safety radio communications.



Hytera US Inc is in partnership with Sinclair to provide a comprehensive line of antenna systems, duplexers, and combiners for Hytera repeaters and trunking systems.



Hytera US Inc has partnered with IPFusion to integrate Hytera radios with in-building control and complex physical security environments.


TIPS USA Buyers Cooperative

TIPS is the purchasing cooperative of Region 8 Education Service Center, the Lead Public Agency. TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative offering competitively solicited contracts to education and nonprofit agencies, saving them both time and money. TIPS provides a proven, streamlined process that provides reduced prices and eliminates the purchasing stress for Members.

Download the TIPS USA Member Benefits, and to learn how the TIPS bidding process works.

TIPS Buyers Cooperative

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