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Two-Way Radios for Facility Management


Hytera Radios Enable Efficient Building
Operations and Improve Safety

Hytera radios offer an unparalleled communication solution for facility management teams. With their durable design and advanced features, Hytera two-way radios streamline communication, enhance operational efficiency, and improve worker safety.

Two-Way Radios for Facility Management

Hytera radios are used by facility managers in business, industry, education, and government.

Facility Managers and Directors

C-Level and VPs of Facility and Building Operations  

Engineering, Maintenance, and Repair Professionals

HVAC and Energy Management

Janitorial and Cleaning

Security and Safety

Radios Built for Facility Managers

Facility management professionals demand high-quality radios that are reliable and cost- effective. Hytera two-way radios are built for building operations with features that enhance efficiency, increase tenant satisfaction, and improve worker safety.

Instant communications to efficiently coordinate maintenance, security, construction, and repairs 

Waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant to withstand the toughest facility management conditions  

Lightweight and easy to use with one-button push to talk and hands-free operation for multi-tasking

Digital noise reduction for clear communications in noisy environments

One-touch emergency calling and a variety of worker safety features to keep facility managers safe and on the job

Long-life batteries provide up to 24 hours operation on a single charge so you stay connected through your entire shift

Guaranteed Facility Coverage

Business, industrial, and government facilities can consist of a single building or a large campus of buildings.  Coverage for all areas is required for critical operational communications.

Hytera DMR radios provide full facility coverage with XPT Trunking Repeater Systems that deliver cost-effective coverage for any size facility, DMR Tier III Trunking Systems for larger groups of users and high call capacity, and IP Connect Systems that connect multiple facility locations.

Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular radios use existing 4G/5G/LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks to provide complete wide-area coverage for large, multi-site facilities and mobile maintenance teams – without the expense of radio system infrastructure.

Push-to-Talk over Cellular for Facility Managers

The HORIZON Nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) platform provides wide-area coverage using existing 4G/5G/LTE cellular and Wi-Fi networks, so Hytera PoC radios can be rapidly deployed at facilities anywhere across the US.

HORIZON features a powerful dispatching application that provides instant group calling and individual calling along with GPS location tracking of remote facility teams and fleet maintenance vehicles.

Hytera PoC devices are rugged and easy-to-use
Share video and images to improve decision making

Quickly deploy a reliable and cost-effective radio system

Nationwide coverage for communicating at all facility sites

Push-to-Talk over Cellular for Facility Managers

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular White Paper

Everything you wanted to know about Push-to-Talk over Cellular.

DMR Two-Way Radios 

DMR is the Digital Mobile Radio standard with millions of users worldwide. Hytera DMR radios are known by facility managers for their ruggedness, reliability, and performance.

Hytera US Inc offers a wide range of DMR radios to provide the right solution for your facility management communications, including the legendary yellow BD612i radio for cost-effective migration from legacy analog radios, and the high-performance and feature rich professional H-Series DMR radios.

Rugged and reliable with excellent audio quality
Wide variety of features and models

Long battery life and extended coverage range

DMR Two-Way Radio White Papers

The benefits of Migrating from Analog to DMR Technology,
and Increasing Range and Capacity with DMR Radio Systems.

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