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How Two-Way Radios Use GPS

Two-way radios with GPS

Two-Way Radios with GPS

Two-Way Radios with built-in GPS enable tracking of worker locations with dispatching software applications. This provides several benefits to organizations with remote workers.

Integrated GPS

No matter where staff are working across your sites, GPS-enabled radios can provide a quick response to emergency or business critical situations.

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that works 24 hours a day and with no subscription fee or setup charges. 

Two-way radios with GPS functionality have a GPS module integrated into the radio, similar to a cell phone. Hytera radios with integrated GPS functionality make it possible to locate users with a high level of accuracy.


Enhance Safety with GPS Location Tracking

The ability to monitor your workforce location and check worker status with GPS sends a strong message to employees that their safety is your highest concern.  Maintaining your health and safety of employees saves money and increases productivity.

In the event of an incident, such as a possible man down scenario, GPS instantly provides the location of the user in distress, ensuring responding teams can reach the location in a timely fashion. The time and location date stamping capability automates compliance reporting and provides accurate records for incident reviews and investigations.

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Improve Efficiency and Response Time with Dispatching Applications

Dispatching applications enable the coordination between remote worker locations and job sites to streamline operations and decrease response times for service calls. Dispatch applications can enable group calling, and can track multiple locations and travel routes, along with stops at job sites with time stamps.

Example of Dispatching Application with GPS Locations

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In addition to regular check-in and reporting procedures, your management and dispatching team has the ability to pin-point workers and send location-based messages using the dispatch console, pushing calls or tasks to the appropriate worker, or groups of workers.

If you have an extensive workforce operating shift-based patterns, knowing exactly who your radio users are and where they are operating at any time enables improved coordination of job sites and worker locations.

The GPS data can be customized for each employee, assigning as much detail as you need to each user’s unique ID, from details of the vehicles they drive, to the equipment qualifications they hold.


Boost Conformance with Geofencing

Geo-fencing is the use of GPS technology to create a virtual geographic boundary and trigger a notification should a radio handset user enter or leave a specific area. It is a highly effective way of prompting workers to be aware of safety rules and ensures security procedures are adhered to.

In challenging or hazardous operative areas, specific locations can be geo-fenced so that only those workers qualified to enter can access without triggering alerts. Those without permissions, or who have not completed the relevant health and safety training required to work in these locations will trigger an alert if they stray into these risky environments.

Operators can then immediately open a voice channel to talk to the radio user and notify them of the need to leave the area safely. Incursions can also be automatically recorded in a central database.

Example of Geofence area with location tracking of remote employee

Hytera Radios with integrated GPS include the Hytera H-Series and select iSeries DMR radios, and all Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios.

Please contact us if you have any questions about two-way radios with built-in GPS.

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