Reminder for Hytera Customers: Hytera's Legal Victories Prompt Motorola Solutions to React with Misinformation

Litigation Updates

Dear Valued Customer,

We have learned that our satisfied customers and close dealer partners have been repeatedly targeted with Motorola Solutions (MSI) statements containing misinformation. These MSI statements are aimed at creating confusion in the marketplace, have mischaracterized the meaning and effects of recent litigation, and attempt to raise undue confusion and concern among Hytera customers.

Much of that communication has focused on misstating the results of a United States International Trade Commission decision. That decision was announced in November 2018 and was finalized in January 2019. MSI initiated the ITC case back in March 2017, and Hytera successfully defended its right to continue to compete and offer innovative DMR products. The undisputable result of that ITC decision was that Hytera’s i-Series products were cleared for sale in the U.S.

Hytera’s i-Series is fully available in the market and already in use by satisfied customers. MSI’s desperate attempts to muddy the water with its misstatements does not alter the fact that Hytera customers are free to purchase Hytera’s i-Series DMR products or upgrade their legacy products to the latest firmware. All i-Series radios remain eligible for repair and warranty coverage by Hytera.

It is unfortunate that MSI, unable to meet its anti-competitive goal of excluding Hytera from the marketplace in the courtroom, is continuing to attempt to disrupt Hytera and confuse its customers, even in Canada, where the U.S. ITC has no jurisdiction. As you might imagine, this practice is not acceptable and MSI will be compelled to answer regulatory questions about its misinformation campaign when defending itself from Hytera’s U.S. lawsuit under the Sherman Antitrust and Lanham Acts, and state law. MSI will also answer to U.S. courts regarding its approach to properly licensing other companies’ intellectual property, as part of Hytera’s lawsuit against Motorola Solutions for patent infringement.

We are continuing to see strong U.S. sales in 2019 for Hytera radios because we deliver tremendous value and more right-sized options for a range of roles and organizational sizes. Our dealers prefer working with Hytera because we treat them fairly, don’t undermine them as partners, and don’t force other brands off their shelves. And our industry needs Hytera to challenge MSI’s monopolistic practice to make on-site situational awareness and safety more affordable for businesses and taxpayers.

Hytera will continue to strive to deliver affordable land mobile radio innovations that ensure a safer world. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your customers.


Steve Cragg, VP Sales

Hytera America, Inc.

Tom Wineland, VP Sales

Hytera Communications America (West), Inc.

Download: Reminder for Hytera Customers

17 February 2019

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