Presidential Review Affirms ITC Ruling Hytera i-Series Do Not Infringe

Litigation Updates

  • i-Series products are already available in the market
  • Legacy products can be upgraded to the non-infringing i-Series firmware
  • ITC rulings do not impact Hytera's ability to continue to repair and/or replace the non-infringing i-Series products

Dear Valued Customer,

Once again, we have learned that Motorola Solutions (MSI) is adding to its ill-advised misinformation campaign regarding the effect of recent litigation with Hytera and that you may have been purposefully misled. Hytera is reaching out to you today to clarify MSI’s incorrect statements about the results of our patent litigation and about the conclusion of the ITC’s presidential review period. Foremost, we want to remind unequivocally that the ITC found that Hytera’s new generation i-Series DMR radios do not infringe any patents and that we can and will continue to offer our entire current product line in the United States.

Despite being well-aware of these facts, MSI, through emails and press statements, has again made multiple false or misleading statements that require correction, including claiming that our i-Series products have not been made commercially available in the U.S. As you well know, the recently announced i-Series products are already available in the market and any remaining Hytera customers using legacy products prior can immediately upgrade for free to the non-infringing i-Series firmware. Likewise, MSI also mentioned the court’s rejection of a repair and service exemption, but notably omitted that the ITC’s rulings do not impact Hytera’s ability to continue to repair and/or replace the non-infringing i-Series products.

This extended brazen misinformation campaign by Motorola Solutions is another desperate attempt to keep competitors like Hytera out of the market and is one of the reasons why we expect success in our suit against Motorola Solutions under the Sherman Antitrust Act.

While Motorola Solutions has chosen to continue its anticompetitive behavior by emailing our customers with pure misinformation and deliberately misrepresenting our product availability after the ITC rulings, Hytera will continue to deliver more value to dealers and customers and to put forward affordable land mobile radio innovations that ensure a safer world.

Hytera looks forward to continuing to serve you and your customers.


Steve Cragg, VP Sales

Hytera America, Inc.

Tom Wineland, VP Sales

Hytera Communications America (West), Inc.

Download: Letter to Hytera Customers

16 January 2019

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