Hytera's Statement on Defendant Motorola Solutions' Misinformation Campaign

Litigation Updates

November 16, 2018 marked an important date for Hytera, its dealers and their customers as the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) cleared the way for Hytera’s new-generation i-Series products and for the company’s continued role in the U.S. as a leader in land mobile radio solutions. Hytera launched its i-Series new generation products on November 19. This ITC decision for Hytera is a significant win for innovation and a reminder that Hytera is here to stay and compete in the U.S. as a leader of innovation in land mobile radio solutions. Because of Hytera products’ easy software-based upgrades, Hytera, its dealers and its end-users are unquestionably able to continue to sell and operate Hytera products without concern while also benefitting from new, market-leading innovative features. Moreover, Hytera will continue to provide industry-leading service and maintenance on these upgraded products for its customers in the United States.

Motorola cannot accept this tremendous defeat and has instead further expanded the misinformation campaign that is already the subject of a Complaint filed by Hytera in the United States District Court in New Jersey asserting violation of the federal Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts, and the federal Lanham Act, and under the unfair competition laws of California and Florida. Hytera looks forward to seeing ITC publishing its full decision. Once that happens, the full measure of Motorola’s ITC loss and the deception it has broadcast will be revealed.

Motorola has chosen to use this period before the ITC releases its full decision to amplify and spread fresh rumors and to misrepresent the record in order to deceive the market. Hytera has learned that Motorola Solutions is desperately doubling down on its attempt to protect its monopoly with a fresh round of misleading communications seeking to damage Hytera's standing with dealers and customers, allegations that are a part of Hytera’s antitrust complaint filed in federal district court. The sole purpose of these new statements is to mislead dealers and end customers and cause them to not to do business with Hytera, so as to limit competition to Motorola Solutions in the US LMR market. These actions may reflect further violations of the federal acts and each misleading statement that has been made will be addressed as a part of Motorola’s scheme to unlawfully monopolize the market and harm American consumers.

Hytera’s dealers remain wholly informed and supportive of Hytera’s position and have voiced enthusiasm for the i-Series and the range of other products Hytera is continuing to debut.

Download: Hytera's Statement On Defendant Motorola Solutions' Misinformation Campaign

6 December 2018

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