Hytera Statement on Judgement by Illinois District Court

Litigation Updates

On February 14th, 2020, a jury in the Northern District of Illinois found that Hytera misappropriated one or more of Motorola Solutions’ DMR-related trade secrets and infringed one or more of Motorola Solutions’ DMR-related copyrights. On March 5th, the court formally affirmed the jury verdict as the judgement.

Hytera is disappointed by this court’s verdict, and respectfully disagrees with the jury. Hytera believes the verdict is unsupported by the evidence presented at trial. Hytera is actively defending its rights in ongoing post-trial motions and presented substantive arguments about the merits of Motorola Solutions’ claims and evidentiary and legal errors at the trial. As a result, it has requested judgment as a matter of law and a new trial. Hytera is further prepared to appeal any adverse rulings in a process that may take two or more years. Hytera has faith that the American justice system will provide a fair outcome for this trade secret and copyright dispute.

Hytera has enhanced its corporate governance and added new policies and procedures related to intellectual property and the onboarding of new employees. In addition, Hytera is engaged in an ongoing process of removing the affected source code from the products at issue and has been rolling out updated software to the marketplace.

For almost thirty years, Hytera has brought the most innovative and valuable LMR solutions to our dealers, customers and to the market, and Hytera remains strongly committed to our tradition of excellence now and in the future.

20 April 2020

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