Hytera Statement - Antitrust Litigation Against Motorola Solutions

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Security risks in the US are increasing, and there is growing demand for communications solutions that help organizations to protect important utilities, provide safety and services for public transportation systems, and respond to threats at events such as concerts, festivals, and sports events, even in our nation's schools.

All these demands pressure organizational budgets, which in turn means increased costs for public safety, municipal governments, businesses, and American taxpayers.
On Monday, December 4, 2017, Hytera filed a lawsuit against Motorola Solutions, Inc., in federal district court in New Jersey under the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Act. In our
filing, we allege that:
• Motorola Solutions is engaging in unlawful anti-competitive practices by deliberately and actively foreclosing competition in LMR communications systems in the US market.
• Motorola Solutions is leveraging its dominance of the public safety market to impede adoption of newer, less expensive technologies here in the US.
• Motorola Solutions is reaping billions of dollars on sales to US customers at prices higher than in competitive markets -- effectively demanding that American customers pay a surcharge for safety.
• Motorola Solutions enforces its inflated prices in the US by engaging in a
monopolistic scheme that includes forcing LMR dealers to drop Hytera's products -- or face losing the opportunity to sell Motorola Solutions products or keep service contracts.
• Motorola Solutions has engaged in a serial pattern of sham litigation and regulatory actions in the US and overseas, to interfere with Hytera's relationships with dealers, sow anxiety in the market, diminish competition, and raise Hytera's costs of doing business.

Competition in free markets encourages innovation and benefits customers. Hytera believes that US customers deserve the best mission-critical communications technology and solutions at the best prices.

US customers are paying far too much to Motorola Solutions for important, mission-critical communications products and solutions—much more than in other countries—to the detriment of their hard-pressed budgets. Hytera seeks damages and injunctive relief.

3 December 2017

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