How Hytera Created An Innovative Communication Solution On The Mountain

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Ski resorts provide relaxation and fun for families on vacation, couples looking for a romantic getaway, and extreme sport enthusiasts. According to an international report on snow and mountain tourism, over 115 million people visit ski resorts worldwide in a given year. Despite being a thrilling form of entertainment, tackling the slopes has no shortage of dangers.


The variety of hazards at ski resorts means resort staff must be prepared to defend the safety of their guests. Communication is key due to inclement weather or incidents on the mountain. Avalanches and blizzards can impact the safety of the slopes. Additionally, visitors of all different skill levels participate in ski and snowboard sports, which leaves plenty of room for unforeseen accidents. Resort staff must be proactive in addressing unforeseen issues, such as the need to evacuate guests during a storm or in summoning medical help during an emergency. It is critical to have an effective communication system to coordinate operations and relay equipment failures, changing weather conditions, and injuries.

The shortcomings of Cell Phones and Short-Range Radios

Cell phone towers may be out of commission during heavy storms or ineffectual in remote areas. Short-range radios have a difficult time retrieving time-sensitive information in cases of emergency. Fortunately, Hytera is invested in providing the right communication for ski resorts, offering the best two-way radios on the market to ensure resort management and staff can relay essential information quickly and clearly, thereby minimizing risks and ensuring the happiness of their guests.

Hytera radios are weather-resistant and feature long-lasting batteries that retain their charges during a full day’s shift. They are lightweight and can be equipped with Bluetooth earpieces that fit under helmets. Hytera two-way radios provide efficient solutions and speedy response times with clear digital communication, messaging, and work order management. Easy-to-read displays for messages allow for visual communication without disturbance to guests, and repeaters can be added to the system to extend range and connect the radios to multiple sites.

A two-way radio communication system:

  • is lightweight and compact
  • features open channels for optimum communication
  • offers privacy/ interference eliminator codes
  • features superior wattage and range
  • offers calling, paging and scanning features

Many two-way radio manufacturers claim a range of up to 25 miles under optimal conditions. In the real world, conditions can be less than ideal. The chief benefit of higher-powered radios (1- or 2-watt models) is their ability to fill in coverage dropouts behind hills or buildings that often occur within the line of sight of a radio user. The higher power tends to improve the overall quality of the signal.

Hytera’s PD6i Digital Radios and RD962i Digital Portable Repeater: An Ideal Solution

The ideal communication solution for any ski resort features Hytera’s PD6i series of rugged digital radios and the RD962i Digital Portable Repeater. PD6i radios offer a GPS option and integration of data applications. Approved to rigorous IP67 and MIL-STD 810 testing, they feature an innovative, compact design that is durable and feature-rich. This is the perfect solution for a resort looking to migrate from analog to digital radio technology.

The RD962i repeater is slim and easy to carry for portable applications, and includes a built-in duplexer and rugged design for outdoor use. This device supports a range of power supply options so it can guarantee uninterrupted communication during emergencies. Its API and 100 Mbps network port support an array of applications, and the device provides IP67 protection, making it extremely reliable no matter how harsh the environment becomes. The operating panel provides a wide range of status indicators, a button for channel adjustment, and a port for palm microphone or remote speaker microphone. Hytera’s technology means the repeater is a person on the ground instead of a tower, ideal for mountain terrain.

Ensuring the Safety of Visitors with Hytera

Ski resorts can be luxurious or humble, prestigious or geared toward family fun. Regardless, most of them are in remote locations and need a dependable communication system that allows resort staff to relay information at a moment’s notice, no matter the terrain. The ideal solution in innovative radio technology comes from Hytera America’s enterprise two-way radios and wireless trunking systems.

Hytera’s technologically-sophisticated communication systems address the issues posed to recreational staff, public safety officials, and security personnel worldwide. With Hytera’s advanced two-way radio systems, resort staff can feel secure they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their visitors while keeping the resort running smoothly.

15 November 2018

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