HALO Dispatch

Hytera HALO Dispatch is a web-based communication and dispatch application with instant nationwide voice and video group calling and GPS location tracking.

Hytera HALO Dispatch provides comprehensive dispatching and group calling interface for Hytera HALO Nationwide and HALO OnSite Push-to-Talk radio networks.

Communicate. Coordinate. Facilitate.

Communicate instantly with nationwide groups of remote workers using rugged radios and bodycams

Coordinate worker locations and jobs with GPS location tracking and geofencing

Facilitate cost reductions by sharing images and video with remote workers to quickly solve problems

Instant Nationwide Group Calling

Hytera HALO Dispatch provides nationwide group calling from one or more dispatchers with pre-programmed or dynamic call groups. Quickly build dynamic groups with a simple list selection or by selecting an area on the dispatch map.

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GPS Location Tracking and Geofencing

Hytera HALO Dispatch can track multiple user locations and travel routes with job site time stamps to manage and dispatch remote workers. Dispatchers can draw geofences on the map to define boundaries for territories and service areas. Alarms can be generated when users enter or leave a geofenced areas.

HALO Dispatch Group Calling

Real-Time Video Calls

View and share multiple videos from remote workers using Hytera VM780 Bodycams and cell phones running the HALO Android apps. Hytera HALO Dispatch can also stream videos to other users in the field.

HALO Dispatch Group

Hytera HALO Dispatch Data Sheet

Key Benefits

    Hytera HALO supports nationwide Push-to-Talk group and individual calling with unlimited channels.

    View real-time video from Hytera VM780 Bodycams and cell phones running the HALO Android app, and share videos between remote users.

    Enables tracking of driver locations and travel routes with time stamps.

    Draw geofence boundaries for individuals or groups of remote users, and receive alarms when workers enter or leave geofence areas.

    No need to install and upgrade client software applications; simply run Hytera HALO Dispatch on a standard web browser.

    Supports sending and receiving Emergency Alarms for enhanced worker safety. Dispatcher can perform Lone Worker monitoring, and remotely monitor audio and video during emergency situations.

    All users can communicate with each other and dispatch with free-form or pre-programmed text messages.

    Features full call recording, logging, and playback.

    Dispatch can stun (disable) and revive (turn on) remote radios that are lost or stolen, or used maliciously.

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Hytera HALO System Devices

The PNC370 PoC Radio is a compact, rugged, and easy-to-use handheld PoC radio with advanced noise suppression and built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The PNC380S PoC Radio adds video, a full keyboard and AT&T network approval.

The VM780 Body Worn Camera integrates a bodycam with PoC voice communications to capture, store, and share video, audio, and images in the field.

The PCN550 PoC Smartphone combines the advantages of a smartphone with the ruggedness, enhanced audio quality, and instant Push-to-Talk group communications of a professional PoC device.

The Hytera MNC580 PoC Mobile Radio is a compact and easy-to-operate mobile radio that provides safe and reliable in-vehicle fleet communications.

Hytera HALO is also available as an Android App that enables PoC group calling on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones and tablets.

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