Patrol System

Simple, effective management of patrol routes

The Hytera Patrol System is a simple, user-friendly, cost-efficient solution for the management of security personnel and assets. Utilizing RFID tags and the reliable PD412i DMR radio as your reader, you can monitor personnel and assets at all times, while increasing safety, security and patrol efficiency. The RFID tags consist of a patrol identification card (POA72) and a checkpoint (POA71). The checkpoints are installed in the location that needs to be safeguarded, along the intended patrol route.

As the user starts their shift, they register their PD412i with their patrol identification card, logging them on to the patrol system. As the user passes a checkpoint along their patrol route, the radio is held against the checkpoint. This scans the location using the RFID technology. The data acquired is transmitted from the radio to the patrol software where all logs can be subsequently analyzed.

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Efficient patrol management

Create and adjust routes and timetables using the Hytera patrol software. You have flexibility in making changes to routes, optimizing them according to the changing workflow.

Proven DMR radio technology and RFID

The radio technology employed for the data transfer to the control center is based on the open ETSI DMR standard. The data from patrol is collected using passive RFID-capable checkpoints and the DMR portable radio PD412i.

Dmr Patrol Inline

Flexible usage

A repeater or mobile radio (MD782i/MD782iG) can be used as receiving station. If a repeater is selected, the patrol system can be connected via IP, enabling it to be located at a remote site. In case of the MD782i/MD782iG, this is accomplished with the standard programming cable.

Reliable data transfer

If data cannot be transferred to the call center due to a lack of DMR radio coverage, the PD412i radio allows you to transfer the data at a later time. As soon as the radio is connected again with the DMR system, the patrol data can be sent again with the push of a button. Alternatively you can transfer the data offline using a data cable.

Comprehensive administration

The administrator using the patrol software is able to manage all the information collected along the patrol, including the patrol personnel, checkpoints and patrol schedules.

Visualizing patrol routes

To help manage patrol routes and checkpoint locations, you can import your own site map (graphics file format) into the patrol software. Once imported, you can add special features via the menu, such as several floors of a building, to help track your operations.

Analyzing patrol data

The patrol software provides a number of options for searching and performing statistical analysis of the data received. This information can also be exported to an Excel file for further manipulation or reporting.

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