What are the Benefits of Hytera XPT?


With a limited electromagnetic spectrum, wireless radio users have to share frequencies. A trunked radio system allows an individual to make better use of the channels, which is especially important for critical communications like crowd control, traffic control, and relief work. Hytera, the leader in two-way radio solutions for businesses, developed XPT Digital Trunking System/ XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) empowers users to connect to a larger group with greater cost-savings than ever before.

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Hytera XPT has a number of benefits over classic distributed-trunking LTR (Logic Trunked Radio) technology which makes it great for urgent requests. It has a centralized switch than can help route communications during a crucial situation for a near immediate response.

XPT allows multiple users from various departments faster access to their communication system in order to handle urgent requests, improve productivity, and performance. The single site solution is scalable and can facilitate up 8 carriers or 16 calls simultaneously which can easily provide service to over 1000 subscriber units at the same site, and each system can be configured to transmit voice or data. So, whether there’s an emergency that requires an ambulance, fire team, and police to be dispatched immediately or a customer service crisis that requires quickly communicating with a large team; XPT is the fast, efficient solution.

XPT radio’s spectrum efficiency and cost benefits make it an incredible solution for a variety of industries. “Airport staff can now have more user groups to increase operation efficiency. Facility managers can better coordinate with security guards and maintenance,” says Andy Zhao, President of Hytera America “Factory managers can play back voice recordings even in a space with loud machinery.”

Unlike the classic trunked radio, Hytera XPT does not use any control channels. Rather, all available radio channels are used for communication and managed by a mobile radio infrastructure. No more manual channel selection means communication is now that much easier.

By combining the advantages of our DMR Tier II line with the mobile radio properties of the most powerful trunked radio systems, XPT is truly next-generation technology. Now two-way radio users can use limited spectrum resources to double their channel capacity with ease. Plus, it’s easy to migrate to XPT digital trunking from DMR Tier II Conventional and many aged analog Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) systems. Building on your existing infrastructure, XPT will bring best-in-class digital solutions to your system with minimal capital investments. If you’re already using Hytera DMR radios, we can easily convert them to XPT with a license upgrade and no new equipment. If you’re using a legacy LTR system, we offer a special program to support easy painless transition. Visit www.HyteraXPT.com to find out more.