Two-Way Radios: An Indispensable Tool for Security

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Secret Service agents use them when protecting government officials and foreign dignitaries. Police officers use them when patrolling neighborhood streets. Even nightclub bouncers use them when revelers fill dance halls on weekend nights. They’re the one indispensable tool found in the arsenal of any operation providing security protection or enforcement.

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We’re not talking about guns, or Tasers, or any weapon for that matter. The single instrument that is absolutely vital to the effectiveness of security personnel is none other than a clear, perfectly functioning two-way radio.

Two-way radios allow guards and patrols to communicate, so that they can respond to emergencies, distress, or pressing changes in environment. Without unobstructed communication, security personnel are unable to execute their duties. How can they spring into action, if they can’t accurately relay information about a threat? How can they keep constant
vigilance, if they don’t know about rapidly changing developments that occur, elsewhere? The simple answer is: they can’t.

Two-way radios give security professionals the means to convey and determine information, so >span class="tx">span class="tx f98">coverage, all while being light and rugged. That’s a tall order to fill, so not just any product will do. That’s why for over 30 years, leading security firms have turned to Hytera America, Inc. to equip their operations with the most advanced two-way radios and wireless communication systems in the world.

Hytera has established itself as the leading provider of comprehensive wireless communication solutions for the public safety sector. Our full suite of premium products and systems have no market rival, with the PD6i Portable, MD7i Mobile Series, PD5i Series, and PD3i Series exemplifying the superiority of our brand.

>span class="tx">management software. This software program not only tracks vehicles and portables, but also generates detailed reporting, and records communication history. The affordable, pocket-sized Hytera PD5i and PD3i Series have been creatively designed to be slim and unobtrusive, so that operators can use and carry radios, with ease. Accessories include Bluetooth earpieces for discreet communication, long-lasting high capacity batteries for usage through multiple shifts, and repeaters to extend coverage over multiple sites.

>span class="tx f98">can’t always anticipate situations that might render their equipment obsolete. Large campus spaces may exceed the range of standard portable receivers, or dense areas can cause radio interference, blocking out signals. At Hytera, we expect the unexpected, and have engineered our devices to provide maximum performance allowing security staff to be ready for any occasion.

Security operations are only as good as their communication methods. Hytera’s PD6i Portable, MD7i Mobile Series, PD5i Series, and PD3i Series arm protection personnel with high-caliber, long-lasting tools for rapid response. Visit Hytera today to equip your operation with the best two-way communication solutions ever devised!