Trust Hytera to Keep Black Friday Calm

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Black Friday. In the past it was simply the day after Thanksgiving – when Americans, stuffed with pumpkin pie, would wake up early to brave frigid temperatures and kick start their holiday shopping by catching a few good deals. But today, Black Friday has expanded to countries around the globe, transforming itself into a worldwide phenomenon.

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Hordes of shoppers now stampede malls and retail shops intent on securing the deal of the century. What should be a day of simply fighting the crowd can even turn into the crowd fighting one another over discount electronics and other on-sale items, often leading to theft from other shoppers or the store itself.

The rush of consumers storming through stores on Black Friday poses significant difficulties to safety and security operations, first responders, including police and EMTs. In order to meet the challenges of the day, and the holiday season in general, retailers require a robust communication apparatus that allows for rapid response to fights, injuries, theft, and other emergencies.

Let’s go through possible scenarios that might happen. A little girl wants a My Dream Puppy for Christmas. She really, really wants it- hasn’t stopped talking about it for weeks. Mom knows if she doesn’t get it, there will be waterworks for days. She decides she will get there early on Black Friday, and pretty much save Christmas. She arrives to find out hundreds of other parents have all hatched this same plan. This does not look good for Mom. Fortunately, the store had pre-planned for such a scenario and decided to use Hytera’s PD412i Patrol System– the perfect wireless communication solution. Because of the technology upgrade, store management was able to call for more employees to come from the back, tell them to help keep order at the front of the store before opening the doors. Once the doors opened, employees using the radios are able to hear and communicate clearly with each other over the shopping horde. By the store employees using two-way radios, they can help customers find whatever they are looking for, help alleviate other employees in different sections of the store and provide better customer service to the shoppers.

Now for the dark side of Black Friday shopping scenarios. A customer attempts to steal a wallet from another customer and run away, but store security was able to radio ahead and stop the thief before it was too late. Or let’s think about when one customer decides to climb to the top shelf and falls. Because the PD412i Patrol System has a design feature consists of patroller ID card and patrol checkpoints, they can send for EMTs so that the customer is quickly seen to, treated, and released to get back in the shopping game. The Hytera PD412i was built for Black Friday and all the possible scenarios that the infamous day might throw at store or mall staff.

For over 25 years, Hytera has developed and manufactured superior enterprise level two-way radios and products to serve public safety, government agencies, transportation, and commercial sectors. Now, with our DMR conventional PD412i Patrol System, we offer a cost-effective solution for real time management that increases quality of communication and accelerates data transmission. In other words, PD412i two-way radios are indispensable tools to retail security operations.

We’ve engineered the PD412i two-way radio for maximum reliability, using analog and digital functions that can automatically switch between the two modes to receive signals on a single channel, ensuring clear communication at the push of a button. The PD412i sports a long battery life, and can operate for at least 16 hours in digital mode so that patrols are primed for anything from the moment the store doors open to closing time. While designed to be small and light for easy, all day use, PD412i two-way radios are still rugged and compliant to USA military standards so they can withstand heavy abuse.

The PD412i features abundant voice call options that include private, group, and all call. Preprogrammed text messages and one-touch voice calls offer greater convenience to operators seeking the fastest communication. The Hytera Patrol System consists of patroller ID card and patrol checkpoint for real time monitoring, and software that can pinpoint operator location allowing for rapid response to alarms. By utilizing basic data management through innovative patrol software, users can keep track of information streaming from patrollers, checkpoints, and specific patrol routes. Additionally, using a visualized interface, the software supports customized maps, allowing the user to self-place check points on the map. The checking actions can then be recorded and marked using the real-time monitor.

Hytera’s PD412i Patrol System helps ensure the safety of shoppers and staff by providing reliable wireless communication to security operations. It’s the right tool to maintain secure environments so the holidays remain happy for all.

15 November 2018