The Move to Hytera: Why More Communications Executives are Making the Switch


Mark Greenlee, Vice President at Professional Wireless Communications was a guest speaker at the Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar. We took a moment to speak with him about the evolution of the industry and how his partnership with Hytera enables PWC to solve wireless communications challenges for their customers.


Minnesota based Professional Wireless Communications delivers radio communications solutions to a wide range of customers through a variety of applications:

  • Two-Way Radio Sales, Service, and Rental
  • Digital Radio Solutions
  • Wide area Radio Dispatch
  • Repair – Warranty and Non-Warranty
  • On-site installation and repair
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • Building Coverage Solutions
  • Wireless Headsets

With so many diverse use cases, PWC needs a partner who will add-value in the process of delivering a quality product. Whether it’s shorter lead times, innovative solutions or responsive service, PWC has found in Hytera the kind of manufacturer that is perfect for distributors of any size.

Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar - Interview with Guest Speaker Mark Greenlee

According to Greenlee, prior to partnering with Hytera, PWC was losing deals because they could not offer a comprehensive DMR solution to its customers. With a large market segment moving towards DMR with Motorola, PWC needed to improvise quickly. They chose Hytera.

With Hytera, they were able to offer interoperability with DMR systems with what Greenlee believes to be a higher quality product – at lower overall costs.

Key to the Hytera partnership for Greenlee was the eagerness of Hytera to partner with his company. While they discussed partnering with Motorola, PWC was impressed with the responsiveness and overall interest in partnership by Hytera.

Perhaps most importantly, Greenlee appreciates Hytera’s vision for the future and product roadmap. In an industry as important, and quickly evolving as wireless communications, innovation is everything. Hytera demonstrated an innovative spirit, with innovative solutions in a big way at Hytera Worldwide 360 and the IWCE show to follow, and partners like Professional Wireless Communications and their collaboration were evident throughout the event.