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Two-Way Radios

Many people working worldwide are employed by companies housed in large buildings. Some of these facilities are 100,000 square feet or more in size, with thousands of staff members under one roof. A facilities manager (FM) is the person in charge of maintaining a large facility, coordinating the planning, construction, and maintenance of its equipment. Ensuring that the proper temperature is maintained during the changing seasons as well as maintaining elevators and other equipment is another important part of a facility manager’s job description. In other words, there’s not much a FM does not oversee in a property.

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A facility manager may create space planning layouts, manage budgets and oversee the cleaning of the facility. He or she manages parking, outdoor public areas, and staff training as well. Whew! The list of daily responsibilities for a facility manager seems endless. To make daily operations run smoothly, the staff working closely with this individual needs quick and effective communication. If there is a fire alarm in the facility, for example, the FM needs to contact the staff quickly. When there are parking issues, HVAC inspections, or other equipment concerns, the facility manager needs the most effective and reliable method of communication.

What’s the optimal solution? Hytera America, Inc., based in Miramar, Florida, manufactures the best two-way radios in the industry – radios that are ideal for a facility manager and building staff. Two-way radios can transmit and receive a radio signal. For that facilities manager who is running the length of the property for an emergency alarm, having a two-way radio that can deliver real-time communication is invaluable.

A two-way radio can allow a facility manager to connect rapidly with the maintenance crew. It allows clear and consistent communication during construction or in the midst of emergencies on the property. Hytera America can provide clear coverage and communication to help make your facility outstanding. This system is reliable and provides real-time communication between its users. If your business needs a reliable and secure communications product, you can trust Hytera to deliver. Today, Hytera has a global presence in more than 60 countries. You can depend on Hytera America, Inc., for your communication needs because of its more than 30-year history of successful wireless communication systems.

After consolidating with Marketronics Corporation in 2007, Hytera America, has consistently offered the best and most effective wireless solutions for its customers. Some of Hytera’s most sought-after products include On-site Business Radios (OBR), a perfect addition for any business from construction to education, providing durability and clear sound. In addition, the Hytera Dispatch System is designed to efficiently manage communication for the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system.

Given the large scale of many properties today, effective communication is essential for a seamless and smooth operation. A facility manager has so many responsibilities that having a two-way radio system is a simple and efficient solution. According to a piece published recently by, “It’s a matter of frequency, simple clear content and really keeping people informed and engaged.” Facilities managers deal with volumes and volumes of information.

From helpdesk service requests to planning long-term strategies, from maintaining Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) regulations to scheduling, staff training, and updating inventory, the job of a facility manager is overwhelming. A facility manager should not have to stop to dial a staff member’s telephone number during an emergency situation. By providing a Hytera two-way radio for your facility manager, you make the job just a little easier. The ability to press a button and receive a response immediately from the other user is a necessity in the life a facility manager.

Hytera America has maintained its success through the years by establishing and developing a great rapport with its customers. Hytera America, Inc. has built a phenomenal customer service support base to provide quality assistance. For a state-of-the-art communication system for your business, contact Hytera America, Inc.