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We live in challenging times. Crime and the fear of domestic terrorism are huge concerns for large public buildings of all kinds, but the neighborhood mall presents special problems. Property managers and store owner/managers want shopping centers to be fun, inviting spaces, encouraging shoppers to come and spend both time and money. But mall management and customers also want to feel safe and secure.


Since its founding in 1993, Hytera has been dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of two-way radios and wireless systems. Today, the company has become a full solution provider of professional wireless communications for public safety – enabling security professionals to carry out their duties efficiently and without interruption. Malls are made up of many different stores, making it virtually impossible to police each one on a constant basis. So most centers rely on mall security guards stationed in various areas, working closely with individual stores to pinpoint suspicious behavior. But in order to work together efficiently, they need an effective means of communication, one that isn’t obvious or offensive to customers. Hytera makes multiple products that meet this challenge.

Ideally, communication devices are unobtrusive and easy to use. PD5i and PD6i series radios are slim and lightweight, making them perfect for carrying in pockets. And with Hytera’s clear digital voice functions, communications are fast and clear. The PD7i series even has vibration alerts, and an emergency top key for more immediate response situations. In very large malls, coverage can be expanded using a DMR repeater to boost signal. Many shopping malls also make use of the PD3i radios for store managers and guest services because of it’s slim leightweight design. This allows employees to stay in touch without bulky cumbersome equipment.

Communication plays a huge role in preparing for and managing an active crisis. Security experts say communication between mall owners, managers and tenants is key to creating a safe environment. The security detail of a mall requires top-of-the-line equipment that can operate discretely and without disruption. All the departments in a shopping mall require dependable communication among their staff to ensure they efficiently manage their security, maintenance workers, information desk, administration personnel, and the rest of their operations to provide the best customer service possible.

They require radios that are capable of lasting a full day’s shift while providing thorough in-building coverage. They need light-weight radios that are also durable and provide clear communications in order to respond to daily tasks as well as critical situations such as fighting, injury or theft. Finally, they need support from a company that provides everything from software updates to an accessory line of covert and Bluetooth earpieces that make it even easier to do the job without disturbing the customer.

15 November 2018

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