Hytera Looks to the Future with Worldwide 360° Seminar


Las Vegas is a city known for putting on a show.  Last week, Hytera Communications Corp. took center stage, hosting their Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar.  As a precursor to the International Wireless Communications Expo, Hytera invited business partners, industry leaders, and enterprise customers from around the globe to Las Vegas for the March 21-22nd Summit.


Hytera’s cast of executives and guest speakers discussed its complete portfolio of DMR TETRA and PDT Radio solutions, while forecasting the future of the industry as the move to Broadband LTE starts full-scale.

Andy Zhao, President, Hytera America Inc., spoke on the migration from narrow band to broadband and the applications that are now available.  The future of data transmission makes for a changing market, one that Hytera America is positioned to dominate with their future roadmap and new product development.

Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar - Interview with Hytera America President Andy Zhao

Alex Richardson, Market Research Analyst at IHS guest spoke on the licensed mobile radio infrastructure and services market.  The scale of the service sector is growing because hardware lasts longer than ever.  Additionally, the transition from analog to digital presents challenges for organizations that Hytera, as true service partners, is uniquely positioned to solve.

Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar - Interview with Guest Speaker Alex Richardson

Following the Worldwide 360° Seminar, Hytera made another Las Vegas sized statement at the International Wireless Communications Expo.  The IWCE is a proverbial who’s who in the Wireless Communications Industry, and Hytera’s impressive exhibit attracted crowds.

On display was Hytera’s Command & Control Center, an immersive experience that combined SmartOne unified communications systems with the Integrated Command & Control system to enable communication between multi-systems.  This groundbreaking solution was but one of many new technologies on display at the Hytera booth.  Hytera PD98X, scheduled to launch in Q3 of this year, is a feature-rich, secure, DMR portable with IP68 protection, built-in Bluetooth 4.0, and a Smart battery.

Other highlights at IWCE included the ‘Cybersecurity is a Global Issue’ Keynote Address and ‘Operating Parallel Networks’ General Session.   In his Keynote Address, Curtis Levenson, Cybersecurity Advisor to NATO, discussed the security imperative created by threats to critical infrastructure, including power grids and communications systems across the globe.  During the General Session, a panel of industry leaders examined strategies for managing LMR and LTE solutions simultaneously, as the future of interoperability between the two communication systems becomes a reality.

As the week’s events came to a close on Friday, observers noted the Worldwide 360° Summit was a resounding success for Hytera.  By presenting industry insights, strategy, and a roadmap of the future of mobile radio, Hytera was the talk of the show.  Creating a buzz is something Las Vegas is known for, but a company like Hytera’s messaging extends far beyond the event.

We are clearly at an inflection point in the history of wireless communications. While public communication infrastructures are proliferating, critical communications networks are equally important. A parallel theme is the transition from analog to digital, broadband to LTE and beyond. As the technology develops, the applications and use cases thrive. For example, video is becoming a reality through Hytera technology – as demonstrated at the event.

Few industries have the importance of wireless communications – it impacts everyone, especially in times of uncertainty relative to security. And it is clear than many entities must coordinate for standardization, interoperability and ultimately, progress – it takes everyone to move this industry forward. But equally clear, through the event and Hytera’s product roadmap, is that Hytera is the forum for this progress. Hytera is bringing together the industry and delivering the technology to drive progress, and that, most of all, is what an event like Hytera 360° should be about – and anyone in attendance can say it was a huge success.

Hytera thanks everyone who participated in Hytera Worldwide 360° – or visited us at the IWCE show that followed – and we look forward to a great year of progress in wireless communications.