Hytera Introduces New Portfolio of Intrinsically Safe DMR Radios

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Hytera's Intrinsically Safe radios provide broadest range of IS products for secure and dependable communications support across industries


(MIRAMAR, Fla. and IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 11, 2018) - Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative Land Mobile Radio communications solutions, officially launched its new range of IS products for its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio today, including the introductory PD5i and groundbreaking PD9i. Hytera's IS radios are essential tools for those working in environments that are commonly found in the oil, gas, pharmaceutical, refinery and mining industries, providing safe alternatives for two-way communications.

High quality and reliable communications are critical for roles in environments that require intrinsically safe products for the safety of the workers and the public surrounding them. Often, work in these fields is physically demanding with zero or low visibility. DMR radios and accessories must be UL certified to be considered environmentally safe and highly reliable.

Hytera recognizes that there are many different situations requiring IS products, which is why the company offers a breadth of products catering to specific situations and industries. Hytera's extensive product line providing varying levels of functionality ensures customers can find the right hardware for their needs and aren't paying for features they won't use, while other players in the market make their customers choose from a more limited range of radios.

Hytera's new range of IS products starts with the introduction of the PD5i Series portable. The PD5i is perfect for customers that do not require the high tier performance options available in some of the other Hytera IS products and was added to the portfolio after receiving many requests from existing customers. The PD6i series, with its rugged external metal frame, IP67 submersion rating and sleek form factor, allows the user to experience exceptional audio clarity and a full-color screen. The PD982i offers an IP68 rating, noise cancellation and the loudest audio output of any portable radio on the market (3W). The PD9i also provides an option of full-duplex calling, another Hytera first in the marketplace and the first full-duplex DMR IS rated radio. All of the radios in this portfolio meet criteria outlined in the industry standard UL913 rating and offer an ergonomic, rugged design and long battery life, allowing them to perform in even the harshest environments.

"For my customers who work in the oil and gas industry, safety is paramount and using the right kind of radio is important to maintaining it," said Rachel M. Romero, President of Service Communications in Lafayette, Louisiana. "Every industry has slightly different needs, but because Hytera provides the widest range of intrinsically safe DMR radio options, each customer can select the one that is purpose-built with an ergonomic form factor designed specifically for his or her job."

Hytera understands the types of situations that require IS hardware and is committed to providing innovative, safe, and secure products for these customers, whether they are used at a refinery by security guards, in a mine, or on an off-shore oil rig. "There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to land-mobile radio, even when you focus within the category of IS radios," said Steve Cragg, VP Sales, Hytera America, Inc. "Every model has been designed with a particular kind of worker in mind. This latest product line reaffirms our commitment to innovation and ensuring we are meeting the needs of every single customer."


10 December 2018

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