Hytera Delivers More Choice, Innovation for Value with New Digital Mobile Radio Product Range

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Hytera offers the widest, most differentiated portfolio in DMR radio and is focused on the future with the industry's first platform for narrowband and broadband convergence

(MIRAMAR, Fla. and IRVINE, Calif. - Nov. 19, 2018)- Land mobile radio communications solutions provider Hytera today unveiled its 2018-2019 product range for the US market, comprising the industry's widest array of high-value professional DMR two-way radios as well as robust new platforms and devices for speeding convergence of critical voice and broadband data services.

Hytera's New Generation of DMR Radios provide American organizations with more land-mobile-radio choices. Officially debuting today, Hytera's new i-Series includes premium features like full duplex calling, over the air programming (OTAP) and optimized push to talk (PTT). The i-Series also adds features that enhance coverage and channel efficiency without adding hardware costs, like enhanced Quick GPS and Hytera's innovative Fusion System, which enables combined trunked/non-trunked operation.

"Even before progressing to broadband, today's customers want innovations like quick-updating GPS with offline history storage or specialized hardware like intrinsically safe (explosion-resistant) portable radios," said Rachel M. Romero, President of Service Communications, which equips many oil and gas industry customers near Lafayette, Louisiana. "Hytera is making sure that the features that its competitors reserve for only their priciest products are being included among many more affordable options from Hytera, delivering much more value to our customers, and ultimately making people safer."

Whether utility linesmen, campus security guards or hospital workers, users want both the reliability and purpose-built devices they associate with traditional two-way radio communications as well as the innovative new functions that have arrived with broadband, like video recording and evidence management software. Worldwide, organizations focused on situational awareness, security and safety are moving quickly toward unified communications. But this migration requires scalable platforms that both accommodate legacy approaches to critical voice and converge them with the range of new capabilities made possible by broadband and smart devices. Due to a confusing array of frequency standards and technical requirements, combined with a frustrating suppression of right-sized options in the market, many American organizations currently struggle to find cost-effective pathways to upgrade their communications systems.

In recognition, Hytera has launched products specifically aimed at speeding convergence affordably. The Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio is emblematic of this product development effort, offering a powerful handset working on a converged platform for critical voice and broadband data services. It's equipped with an array of smart device-level sensors as well as NFC and global positioning services and interoperates with Hytera Smart Mobile Device Management (MDM), which supports the full range of broadband networks, including WLAN, 4G and LTE. The MDM platform executes batch programming, upgrades, permission control and data backup and supports Remote Video Microphone (RVM), all while remaining compatible with Hytera narrowband radios. Further, Hytera has made an Applications Development Kit (ADK) available to third parties to allow organizations to customize their own applications within the platform.

"Hytera is really filling a gap in the marketplace, by providing a broad selection for customers of any size. Security is frequently a primary goal of our customers, sometimes even using taxpayer dollars. These customers need to carefully consider upgrade decisions," said Jon Koorsen, General Manager of Voceon Communications in Chicago, Illinois. "Hytera is among the only providers laying out a secure pathway toward unified communications that is actually affordable."

Overall, Hytera's product development team values delivering greater versatility and better user experience for the benefit of a more secure society. "Our products are highly trusted for helping US professionals in important on-the-ground situations across dozens of industry sectors, and we want every single customer to have the right device in their hand when they're solving urgent problems," said Steve Cragg, VP Sales, Hytera America, Inc. "This means helping relieve the stress on today's budgets so they can make their platforms ready for anything, including the future."

18 November 2018

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