Emergency Services and the Imperative for Radio Solutions

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Firefighters, police officers and EMTs all have one thing in common – they need good technical communication tools in order to serve, aid, and protect their communities. Hytera America, a full-solutions supplier founded in 1993, provides emergency service personnel, government agencies, and associated businesses with certified wireless communications systems for civic safety, transportation, commercial and light industrial uses. Hytera’s dependable and clear communication products have been circulated in over sixty countries across the world.

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When firefighters are placed into a dangerous situation, they are confronted with loud environments, burning flames, confused victims, roaring saws, rotary chisels and ringing sirens. These significant obstacles prevent a barrier in the communication process. To meet this unique need, Hytera America provides the DMR series radios, which permit dispatchers to manage and dispatch firefighters with optimal results. Hytera also offers the MD782i(G), which provides a digital mobile radio with GPS and telemetry characteristics. Firefighters often must kick in doors, rescue distraught victims, and operate in hectic and noisy atmospheres. Hytera offers the PD7i Series specifically for these kinds of situations. The PD7i comes fully-equipped with heavy duty speaker microphones and Bluetooth earpieces, providing firefighters access to clear communication in harsh settings.

Like firefighters, police officers are confronted with a multitude of communication issues each day they are on patrol: noisy traffic, a routine stop, a request for backup. Police officers need reliable top-notch radios and microphones to connect the driver, dispatcher, and police officers on duty. Hytera’s PD7i Series, along with Bluetooth earpieces, offer enduring high-capacity batteries, which allow officers the ability to use their communication devices for multiple shifts. Along with dependable and advanced technologies, Hytera has base stations that can repeat signals, and offers a range of coverage for metropolitan areas and the multiple sites beyond to enable rich digital communication in any locale. With such innovative and reliable technology, Hytera has allowed for the residents and deputies to feel substantially safer knowing that there will always be effective communication.

Accidents occur constantly. Ambulance drivers need to complete a series of essential communicative tasks to arrive on time to the scene in order to help people in need. Hytera America offers optimal tools so EMTs can directly respond to locations, and also provides a comprehensive communication network system for paramedics and dispatchers. This system offers a large scale of coverage so users can clearly communicate across a multitude of locations. Every single instant is vital to saving lives as an EMT. Hytera America provides the clear digital voice communications, data messages, and integration into the fleet management software suites that allows ambulance operators to guide and dispatch their entire staff efficiently.

Whether you are a police officer, EMT service member or firefighter, Hytera America understands the importance of having effective communication systems. Every product they offer is designed to endure harsh situations to enable the best line of communication among emergency workers.